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December 10th, 2010 | Posted by admin in Animal Totems
scorpion medicine

scorpion totem

The image of the scorpion is enough to strike fear, awe and a healthy dose of respect into the heart of anyone who meets one! There are thousands of varieties of scorpions, and yet, only 3 possess a lethal venom.

And, yes, scorpion totem medicine is not for the faint of heart. It is traditionally associated with shaman and shamanic healing, because at it’s root that is the power that scorpion has to share with us.

As a totem animal, scorpion confers the powers of charisma, rejuvenation, transformation, death and rebirth, sales, magnetism, passion, intensity, boldness and healing at the cellular level.

Recently the scorpion venom has been studied to fight certain types of cancer. It is also associated with youth and renewal. Scorpion medicine is very powerful for those who know how to use it. Even though the scorpion totem is associated with the Zodiac sign of Scorpio, this is not the same thing as having and using Scorpion medicine as a personal totem. The use of the totem animal personally is much more specific and meaningful than the generalities of a zodiac sign.

One of the greatest powers that scorpion totem has to offer is the ability to remove and cut out those things that are no longer needed or useful. You may want to think of it as the scorpion tail stinging and removing things that are causing dead weight, obstruction, pain or illness in your life. In this way, the scorpion stinger can be used usefully, to clear, heal and remove obstacles and toxins.

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  • Sonya Oak says:

    Thank you. I dreamed last night of a scorpion climbing on the ceiling and then on the floor. In the dream, I was afraid of it and had my sister pick it up and put it outside. It did not attack me in the dream, it was just walking around making itself known to me…. Good to know the totem has some positive and very interesting information associated with it. Thanks for your website :)

  • Interesting psychology…I’ve been looking for some one who can help me with life questions. A lot of the big ones like destiny,Love, money. I am curious why a scorpion. Why not a Lion which can tear apart anything in its path. Or a bull which can trample on snakes and scorpions. Scorpions are known for their venom. It sounds
    like you think poison is the way to eliminate something. I can see how that works in a deadly fatalist point of view. It does sound like a
    merciless vengeful approach. I had a buddy of mine bit by one of those doing basic training for desert storm. They saved his hand, but he told me it was a gnarly experience. are you a scorpio? Or do you have it prevalent in your chart? Or are you gonna keep it a secret. You know how sneaky and ruthless those scorpios can be… Never do business with them. And watch out in bed they may start off loving you but then they’ll have too give ya the sting. I’d like to know more about the totem system. I like the panther my self.

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  • admin says:

    ALL animals, no matter how scary have some positive meaning. Whenever we are afraid of something it represents something we need to learn, embrace, and allow to become more a part of the self. Scorpion has a lot to do with healing and transforming poison into wisdom, power and strength. Scorpion totem and Scorpio sun sign are both very intense and challenging. I never said it was easy, but Scorpio is the person you want around to do surgery on you when you are going to die and need immediate help. This energy can literally save a life – or take it. It is that powerful. One does not need to be large or have big teeth (like a lion) to be powerful.

    One must be in touch with their true animal power. All the big cat totems: panther, cheetah, lynx (bobcat), tiger, lion, puma etc, are connected to respect, courage and self-respect. Panther in particular is connected to the divine feminine wisdom, the deepest secrets and mysteries (as is the color black). Technically, there is no such thing as a Black Panther, panthers are really leopards with black coloring. It is the same cat, just different markings.

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