Eagle Medicine, Eagle Totem

August 12th, 2010 | Posted by admin in Animal Totems | Kundalini and the Mystical voyage
Challenger, The Eagle Totem

Eagle Medicine can be life-changing

“And the day arrived when the security of the familiar was supplanted by a desire for change, notwithstanding the risk and fear of the unknown – and, miraculously and without effort, the bud yielded to the blossom.” -John A. Price

The Eagle as a totem is one of the most recognized images of raw power, dignity and fierceness of any animal. Eagle medicine is something that many aspire to, or are captivated by.

To understand the medicine of the Eagle Totem we want to understand the life and habits of the eagle. Eagle is a predator bird, who soars higher in the sky than any other bird, going to such heights that it will actually disappear from view. It is associated with the Sun and the heavens for this reason and thought of as a bird who can bring messages from heaven to the earth.

As a totem Eagle is associated with the awakened kundalini as well. The Eagle mates for life usually and the mating ritual is so intense and dramatic that it’s almost frightening. The mated pair will soar up into the air and then free fall toward earth during the mating process, break apart and then repeat the whole scene over and over again. Eagle totem represents the deepest and most spiritually awakened form of relationships, often requiring the complete surrender of a previously held way of life or attitude.

In essence Eagle medicine relates to RIGHT RELATIONSHIP – relationship with self, god, partners, nature, society. Eagle calls forth our integrity and requires us to live up to the highest ideals.

Eagle has incredible eyesight and can spot prey from a mile above the ground. If eagle medicine has visited you, then there is a need to look at things from the long-view and see the tiny details waaaay of on the horizon.

The Eagle, along with a few other raptors goes through an amazing transformation when they reach about the age of 40. By this age, their talons, feathers and beak have become so heavy and long that they literally cannot hunt anymore. So the Eagle will go off to a cave or safe area and rip out all of it’s feathers, rip off it’s own talons and smash it’s beak down to a small nub. Then the eagle lives off of insects and other small prey that it can easily catch on the ground until a new set of feathers and claws has grown in.

This is why eagle medicine is considered to be SO very powerful. It represents nothing less that the complete transformation of the life force. When I was 41, Eagle flew into my life through a conscious connection and then literally, in the form of Challenger – the Eagle pictured above. At that time I left a 7 year relationship because it wasn’t going anywhere and I wanted to have children.

Within 6 months of this, I was pregnant with my Son. And within 2 years my entire life had changed dramatically. I moved across the country, to a place steeped in nature, changed my work and career completely and awakened a deeper sense of love and fulfillment in everything that I do. I let go of an old identity – one that had kept me limited, and embraced a new and exciting life that allowed me to fully express the shamanic side of my nature – my full power.

I definitely went through an Eagle initiation during those two years, but I came out the other side in a deep and profound connection to nature, spirit, my son and the meaning in my life. And everything was different. If Eagle Medicine is calling you, then it is quite likely that you are also ready to experience the profound and far reaching changes that call you home to the highest ideals of your soul.

Eagle Medicine as an Animal Totem sends you a message that no matter how much your life changes, how difficult the transition you find yourself in, that there WILL be regrowth and a new beginning. The dignity that the Animal Medicine of the Eagle Totem comes, not from pride or arrogance but rather from overcoming and rising above challenges. This is what Eagle Medicine and Eagle Totem teaches.

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4 Responses

  • lea says:

    I have tears of happiness and relief with your message – and thankful for your blessing.

  • admin says:

    Thank you! I am so glad I could offer you hope ;-) I really do know what it’s like! Things do get better. xxoxo Aura

  • Chantal says:

    After very strong messages from eagle, yours was the first site I opened when investigating more deeply…your comments on the eagle medicine gave me gooseflesh and the age I am now and my life circumstances echo your eagle visitation. thank you for sharing this wisdom! :-)

  • xitana3@hotmail.com says:

    Awesome explanation! thanks!

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