The Shaman

“Hi, nice to meet you. My name is Aura.”
“Oh, that’s an unusual name, where does it come from”
“It’s my real name. My parents were hippies. They met at Timothy Leary’s ranch in Woodstock New York, dropped acid and conceived me. When my Mom was pregnant with me, she had a “Dream” where these beings told her what my name would be.”

This is an exchange I’ve been through thousands of times in my life. It’s a good way to meet people and break the ice, but it’s not actually totally accurate.

The LSD part, the Timothy Leary part and all that is true. But my Dad wasn’t actually a Hippie, he considered himself a Yippie. Most people don’t know who the Yippies were, or how they differed from the Hippies. To the Yippies, the Hippies were just a bunch of idle hedonists. Oh no, the Yippies were far smarter than the Hippies (or so they thought). They were intellectuals, extremists calling for revolution and the overthrowing of the Government – through violence if necessary.

So, as you can imagine, my childhood was unusual. But as I was growing up, it never occurred to me that there was anything strange about it at all. Not until I was almost a teenager anyway. I just thought that everyone grew up in the midst of constant change and travel. I assumed that other people could also ‘see’ the residual energy from a battlefield, or a wedding, or a past life. Later I realized that they didn’t – or at least weren’t supposed to. You see, I am a firm believer that psychic abilities are a natural part of the human state, it is society that has trained us out of our extra sensory powers. Part of my work is to lead you back to yours.

But my early years provided a kind of ‘perfect storm’ of psychic influences that not only allowed me to explore my naturally psychically open state and ability to access shamanic states of consciousness, but my surroundings also did not shut me down as happens to most people. Most humans are pretty open psychically until about the age of 8 years old, but the world usually shuts those abilities down and pushes us towards a more linear, physical approach to life somewhere between 6-10 years old.

My experience was different, and because I was surrounded by people who were trying to access these shamanic states through drugs and meditation, I learned that they were OK, and was able to make some sense of the things I was experiencing. I also learned as I became a teenager and young adult that not only do humans NOT need drugs to access the shamanic world, but that the use of drugs is EXTRA dangerous to anyone who is psychically sensitive, a medium, psychic or who can travel in the shamanic world. Ironically, it is often the most psychically open people among us who are drawn to drugs. But that’s another subject. In the end I came to a strong Anti-drug stance and I consider it an honor and a part of my own Higher Path whenever I get the opportunity to share my shamanic story, experiences and anti-drug message with groups of teenagers.

All of this has led me to a profound relationship with a power greater than myself. In my journeys I have had many experiences with God’s messengers, from Jesus to Buddha, archangels and others who’s names are not known. All this has led me to a profound sense of love and humility to the force we call God / Goddess that are the two halves of creation. It is this force that guides my readings and which has also guided you here.

It is no accident that you have arrived here.
It is my invitation to you to join me in the celebration of the Great Mystery of All that Is.
It is my invitation to you to connect to the mystery, reclaim your wisdom and your soul and to feel the embrace of the Divine Feminine, the true power of creation, love and ecstatic joy that has been severed from our lives by modern society. It is my invitation to you to finally live free.

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